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Frequently Asked Questions!

My child is rather shy - will they cope?

Obviously you know your child best, but we find many children who lack confidence really come out of their shells at Theatre Week. Our staff are experts at that!

Can my child come to more than one Theatre Week?

Yes, of course – we have had many children who do this. However, please note that we work on the same show each week!

My son is worried he'll be the only boy!

We are very proud of the fact that we have an extremely high boy ratio. Our exciting activities and shows have a broad appeal and are loved by all – Theatre Week is for EVERYONE!

My child is over 12 - can they still come?

Yes, this is possible – our age limits are guidelines, but older children have also loved taking part in Theatre Week for several years beyond their 12th birthday! This very much depends on the child, so please contact us and chat to us about it.

My child has additional needs - can they come?

All children are welcome to Theatre Week, but we naturally have to assess whether we can meet any additional needs and whether Theatre Week would be suitable for an individual child. Please contact us by phone or email to discuss your child’s particular needs.

Are your staff DBS checked?

Yes, all our staff are highly experienced and fully DBS checked, as well as licensed chaperones with Nottinghamshire County Council.

Do you take Child Care Vouchers?

No. We are a specialist performing arts experience, not a child care facility and as such cannot accept Child Care Vouchers.

What is a Family Place?

Family Places are discounted places for siblings from the same family. All children within the sibling group are eligible for the discounted Family Place.

What footwear do the children need?

All children need black footwear for the performance – either black ballet shoes, black jazz shoes or black plimsolls. For the rest of the week, shoes they can run, dance and play in easily (plimsolls or trainers are fine).

Do they have to wear a Theatre Week T-Shirt?

Theatre Week T-Shirts are optional – however, most children chose to wear them as they add to the team feeling of the week, and are pretty cool. We find children love wearing them not only during the week, but all year round!

Can my daughter wear a dress or skirt to Theatre Week?

We always ask that girls do not wear dresses or skirts to Theatre Week as it is impractical for our often very physical activities. For modesty and practicality, your child will be more comfortable in shorts, leggings or tracksuit bottoms.

How much Tuck Shop money should my child bring?

It’s entirely up to you – we have penny sweets and a selection of other goodies that range between 20p and 40p (by the way, all our drinks are sugar-free!).

Are mobile phones permitted?

We strongly suggest they are left at home! Any devices are brought at your own risk, Theatre Week will not accept any responsibility for them. The children will not be permitted to take them out of their bag during the day – if there is an emergency, you will be able to contact us on our usual number and we will be able to contact you.

What will the show be?

Our shows are always kept secret and under wraps until the first day – that’s part of the excitement! What we can tell you is that it will be a fabulous toe-tapping side-splitting musical comedy by best-selling writer Craig Hawes. See our Showtime Page for details!

Can we get a CD of the show songs?

Yes! A fabulous CD of all the brilliant show songs is available from Theatre Week for just £8, so you can sing along at home or in the car! Just bring your money and purchase from the Registration Desk in the morning or from a member of staff at Pick Up time!

My child doesn't like the part they've been given - can I change it?

Our experienced Theatre Week leaders cast the show on the first day after very careful auditions and much thought. Due to the time-limited nature of the week, it is unlikely that casting changes can be made following this as it will affect other children’s roles. However, we always stress that all parts are good parts – which is true!

Do we need to buy tickets for the show?

No, entrance to the final performance is free of charge. However, due to space limitations we restrict seat allocation to 4 per child in Worksop and 2 per child in Southwell. A seat request slip is issued on the first day.

Can we bring their baby brother if they sit on a lap?

Sadly not – we discourage any children under 3 from attending the performance. The children have worked hard all week but will struggle to be heard over noise from such young audience members.

Do I need to provide a costume?

No! We provide fabulous costumes for all the children, although we may occasionally ask certain children to bring in a pair of black trousers where necessary.

Can we film or photograph the show?

There is no flash photography during the show. Filming your own child for personal viewing is permitted.

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